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  • Address Magic Personal from Connected Software, converts between over 30 address book formats and 12 email formats. Supported applications include Outlook, Lotus Notes, Eudora, Microsoft Exchange Server, Global Address List (GAL), Pine, Thunderbird, Windows Address Book (WAB), the Palm Desktop, Pegasus, Opera, GroupWise, and vCard. This commercial product emphasizes reliability and three click operation. Free demo available. Connected Software has been an eMailman partner since 1999.

  • Emailchemy converts files and mailboxes from the following applications to standard formats that most applications can use: AOL for Windows, Claris Emailer 1 and 2, CompuServe Classic for Macintosh, CompuServe 2000 for Windows, Entourage, Eudora, Mac OS X Mail, Mozilla, Mulberry, Musashi, Neoplanet, Netscape, Opera, Outlook Express, PowerTalk/AOCE, QuickMail Pro, Thunderbird, and anything based on RFC-2822 or mbox formats. Emailchemy has an embedded IMAP server for importing converted mail into any IMAP-capable email client.

  • ePreserver, from Connected Software, "can migrate a user's AOL address book, email and favorites places to Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express." (for Windows)

  • SysTools ExportNotes converts Lotus Notes to either Outlook or Microsoft Exchange
  • Aid4Mail is a user-friendly Windows tool that helps you migrate your messages to a different mail client, export email for viewing through Internet Explorer, MS Excel, or a database, convert messages to extract or re-insert attachments, archive mail folders to save space or for compliance with legal requirements, and lots more. It supports more than 20 mail clients and mailbox formats, including MS Outlook, and processes all messages without losing any information, including those with file attachments and embedded contents like pictures and background images. You can also extract names and email addresses of people that have been corresponding with you. This feature is ideal if you need to rebuild an address book or create a mailing list.

  • Amber Conversion and Merging Software from ProcessText Group will convert messages from many different e-mail programs to many different formats.

  • MailSteward by for Mac OS X. Will archive your mail into a relational database, import most mbox format (Eudora, Entourage and other) mail files, and will work with POP, IMAP, and .mac folders stored locally in
    Consultants: Address Book (Mac): Address Books (Windows): Address Books (Other and cross platform) Messages/Mailboxes: (Mac)

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    Messages/Mailboxes: (cross platform and other)
  • QuickMail Migration by Gens Software Ltd, converts QuickMail to Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange, or IMAP4 servers. "Both PC and MAC platforms are supported. The QuickMail Migration program works with both QuickMail LAN and QuickMail PRO versions."
  • VMS to Eudora or Internet Explorer Messages/Mailboxes: (Mac to database formats or text/HTML) Messages/Mailboxes: (Win to database formats or text/HTML) Messages/Mailboxes: (Unix/other to database formats or text/HTML)

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