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Plugins work to give Eudora extra functionality. Put them in either the same folder as your settings file, or the "Eudora Stuff" folder which should be located in the same folder as the Eudora application. Some of them give you an extra option in Settings. Others do not let you choose any settings, but make Eudora behave as the plugin directs. Others you may not notice a difference but they may improve performance.

For a list of X-Settings (in case you wish to either modify Eudora's hidden settings yourself without need of making a plugin, or make your own plugin), see X-Settings FAQ

Resource Plugins:
Plugins for Eudora 3.x

These are known to work with Eudora Pro 3.x. Some are inapplicable for Eudora Light 3.x, and I have not tested any on Eudora Light 3.x) See also the Plugins section above. I think all of the above plugins still work with Eudora 3.x.

Resource Plugins for Eudora 4.x and above: (might work with earlier versions)
Extended Message Services (EMSAPI Plugins) are for Eudora 3.0 and above

To install, place EMSs in the "Eudora Stuff" folder inside the Eudora application folder. Eudora will install this extension the next time it is launched. You can see which message service extensions you have installed by selecting "About Extended Message Services" in the Apple menu.

Plugins and OS X:

Both types of plugins (resource and EMSAPI) should theoretically work with Eudora 5.1 and OS X.

To install:

Eudora for OS X is a package. In the Eudora Application Folder you will find an icon that is labeled just "Eudora" -- this is the Eudora package. Control click, choosing "Show package Contents." Navigate to the "Mac OS" and "Eudora Stuff" folder should be there. Move your plugins there.

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