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How to set up mail forwarding on your unix shell account (using

  1. Telnet (or dialin directly with a serial terminal program if that is possible) to your shell account.
  2. login
    1. You will first need to tell your telnet application to connect you to
    2. After being connected, you may have to hit return once or twice
    3. When it asks for your username, enter your username (me)
    4. When it asks for your password, enter your password (******)
  3. edit a file called .forward -- Pico is a user-friendly text editor. In order to do so, try typing (the $ just represents the prompt, don't type it):
  4. Test it. (send a message to yourself, or have a friend do so)
  1. To turn off forwarding:
  2. Telnet to shell account and log in.
  3. delete the .forward file:

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