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Get multiple aliases for your same e-mail address. Say your address is You could use: Try the above and see if the messages arrive at your account. Otherwise, ask your e-mail administrator/provider to see the Email Addressing FAQ (How to use user+box@host addresses) for instructions on implementing this. Even if you use Mac or Windows for your e-mail client, your e-mail account may be on a unix machine, for which this FAQ is written. And the mail administrator may be able to get it to work on Mac or Windows servers as well. This section is for listing services that provide e-mail addresses, either actual pop/imap boxes, web based, or forwarding, whether free or commercial.

Sources of extra e-mail addresses: (I don't list many free ones because there are so many out there -- see last section below) Utilities for webmail: Web based: Other directories and information: (see news:// newsgroup to discuss webmail providers)
MAPILab.Com - Home of must have Outlook add-ins

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