Mailserv config files

MailServ is written by Patrick Fitzgerald.

I've made some modifications/fixes, and added .cf files for Please contact me to request permission to make links to lists other than these. (You can test links with a bogus address first; see below). eMailman, LLC will consider this request, reserving right to refuse for no reason, and reserving right to terminate entire service or particular links at any time.

Format of link:
  1. some list servers have option to use more specific addresses for each list. This interface may not work with specific ones, esp. for commands meant to work on the whole server, or for commands that would require another specific address. i.e. use "" not "" or ""
  2. listname -- needs to be exactly as the list server will recognize it.
  3. listtype (autoshare, macjordomo, listserv, majordomo, etc.)
  4. list home and archive URLs
    1. get rid of leading http://
    2. watch out for characters that might upset parsing... (&)
To test a link before requesting permission, use: majordomo@a.bogus.domain.invalid as to variable, and add "&demo=true"
Or adapt:

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