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This site does not request user information. The server logs visits by IP name and number (see below). This data is not sold or given away, but occasionally limited samples are shown to potential advertisers, if they agree not to abuse or store the data, in order to prove level of visits to the site. Any information will not be given out to others who request it without a court order, or if the system is being abused, I reserve the right to contact ISPs, governmental agencies, attorneys, etc., with the information collected, including IP name and number. If you voluntarily give any user information, for example by e-mailing the webmaster or filling out a form, your name and e-mail address are not sold, given away, abused, etc., subject to the abuse provision above. The names and e-mail addresses received in such manner are not stored as a whole, but individual such messages may be forwarded to people I trust. Additionally, any message deemed abusive, in the sole discretion of eMailman, LLC, may be forwarded to anyone.

Some of the items the web server knows about you:
REMOTE_ADDR: (IP number)
HTTP_USER_AGENT: CCBot/2.0 ( (what browser, OS, and CPU you use)

HTTP_REFERER: dummy (What URL you were referred from**)
HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE:  (What language your browser prefers).

*If your machine is not assigned an IP name, shows up as IP number
**Sort of a meaningless example for this page, as almost every visitor on this page will have come from a link within this site. But, for example, if you follow a link from an external site to this site, the server logs the URL of the referring page.

Cookies: The banner ad rotator I use makes use of cookie files only for the purpose of insuring that users don't get the same ad twice in a row. If a user does not accept cookies, the program then does it's best to display a new ad. The MailServ subscription helper says it uses cookies to make it so repeat users do not need to reenter their e-mail address.

If you download Eudora, see Eudora privacy policy

Sites linked to may have different privacy policies.

I link to some mailing lists. Check their policy before subscribing.

Posts made to eMailman newsgroups at (via web or nntp) or NewsReaders newsgroups at store certain additional information. Such posts become the sole property of eMailman, LLC. The posts may be deleted for any reason, good or bad, or no reason at all. also reserves the right to delete any post for any reason, good or bad, or no reason at all.

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