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Address: short for e-mail address. The identifier to send someone a message, or to identify where a message came from. Addresses consist of username, @, and a domain.,,, etc. See RFC 822. Addresses can point to mailboxes or aliases.

Alias: an address that does not point to a unique mailbox, but forwards messages to a different address. might forward to Or, might be aliased to (see address+box)...







E-mail merge:

Filter: (or "rules" or "actions") verb: to take various actions on messages based on rules the user instructs their mail program to perform. Depending on the program, actions might include transferring messages, replying with pre-written responses, deleting messages, etc. noun: the instructions given to the program to perform such actions. ("Why isn't the xyz filter working?")





Mailing list: a forum administered by a mailing list server allowing messages to automatically be delivered to the subscribers of that list. Discussion list: each user can send to the list. Announce/newsletter: only the list-owner (or perhaps a few other approved people) can send to the list Moderated list: discussion list where a moderater has to approve posts to the list. (perhaps all posts, or perhaps just the first post of a new subscriber).

Mailbox: server: a store for incoming messages for a user. Might be POP, IMAP, or groupware client: almost all clients allow the user to create separate folders or mailboxes into which to file messages, either automatically (filters) or manually via menu/keyboard commands.






Sigdash: two dashes and a space on a line by itself, constituting the first line of a signature. "-- "

Signature: Information that can be appended automatically to the end of e-mail messages with standard info such as name, e-mail address, web-page URL, disclaimers, etc. Some argue that putting in the e-mail address is redundant, as this will show up in the "From:" header.

Spam: (also UCE for unsolicted commercial e-mail): Junk e-mail or newsgroup posts, usually sent in bulk.





Many times, beginners do not take the time to understand the distinction between many of the below. I realize it can be confusing, but this is an important topic, esp. when I receive e-mails from people indicating all sorts of misunderstanding.

Internet Service Provider. The entity giving you connectivity to the Internet. Might be a business, an educational institution, etc. Might *not* be the same as your e-mail provider. E-mail provider: A company or entity providing you with e-mail address and/or mailbox.

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