Vacation Auto-Reply

NEW: The BSD Vacation V2 Project by Greg A. Woods. "I've re-written the vacation program that originally came with Sendmail. My new version tries much harder to be a proper Mail User Agent as defined by RFC 2822. It replies as to your mail as you would, and keeps a little database of recent correspondents it has sent a reply to so that it can avoid sending multiple annoying replies to every message someone sends to you, resending a new reply only every week or so. It also avoids sending replies to mailing list mail, bounces of your own mail, etc. This version has many enhancements and many bug fixes over the original."

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How to set up a vacation auto-reply on your unix shell account (using

  1. Telnet (or dialin directly with a serial terminal program if that is possible) to your shell account.
  2. login
    1. You will first need to tell your telnet application to connect you to
    2. After being connected, you may have to hit return once or twice
    3. When it asks for your username, enter your username (mine would be eudora)
    4. When it asks for your password, enter your password (******)
  3. at the prompt type:
  4. read the instructions given to you.
  5. If the vacation on your system is anything like mine, you will then do:
  6. edit a file called .forward as recommended by the "man vacation" instructions. Pico is a user-friendly text editor. In order to do so, try typing:
  7. edit a file called .vacation.msg that has the vacation message in it.
  8. Test it. (send a message to yourself, or have a friend do so)
  9. Go on vacation; have fun.
  10. Return.
  11. Telnet to shell account and log in.
  12. you may be able to see who was sent vacation messages while you were gone; see the "man vacation" instructions for details.
  13. delete the .forward file:
  14. you can leave the .vacation.msg as it is for next time you want to use vacation (you can still edit it next time to make changes.)

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