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  • GroupWise by Novell includes E-mail, faxes, calendar information, tasks, workflow
    items, documents, and more.

    • books about Groupwise
    • comp.groupware.groupwise newsgroup
    • Groupwise Links
    • newsgroups
    • SupportWise technical support from Allegro for GroupWise
    • Support Home (Novell)
    • Guinevere provides Antivirus protection, return receipts, signature files, mail filters and more for your Groupwise 5 system.
    • GSend A command line mailer for Groupwise – allows you to easily mail-enable your applications.
    • i-MailDS " is the one-box internet e-mail solution for Novell networks. Whether you need a full company wide e-mail solution, an intelligent internet collection facility for GroupWise (without static IP addresses) or even a way to integrate existing applications with internet e-mail, i-MailDS does it all."
    • MTASieve (alt URL) MTASieve is an NLM which runs "piggy-back" on your GroupWise MTA (Message Transfer Agent) which provides powerful extra administrative functions (thirdparty anti-virus checking, block large attachments, block specific files or file types, archive specific messages) to your GroupWise system.
    • POP3/SMTP/UUCP gateway by Kinesphere